Tesla Model S vs Model 3 Interior Dimensions

Many would-be Tesla Model 3 buyers are confused.

Although they are increasingly seeing Model 3’s on the roads, not many of their friends, coworkers, or family members have one, and they’ve likely never ridden in one.

Based on how it looks on the outside, they are assuming the Model 3 is a mid-size sedan, and further assuming the Model S is a larger, roomier sedan. I thought this myself, and decided to do a little sleuthing.

I hope I can be depended on to always bring data to the discussion. So let’s do that:

DimensionModel 3Model S
Head Room Front39.6″38.8″
Head Room Rear37.7″35.3″
Leg Room Front42.7″42.7″
Leg Room Rear35.2″35.4″
Shoulder Room Front56.3″57.7″
Shoulder Room Rear54.0″55.0″
Hip Room Front53.4″55.0″
Hip Room Rear52.4″54.7″

As you can see by the table, the Model 3 has more head room in the front and rear, the same legroom in the front, and virtually the same in the rear.

I don’t think this is widely known! Folks see the cars in photos or magazine articles, and don’t realize how roomy the M3 is inside.

I know I promised to stick to interior dimensions, but let’s look at the exterior dimensions to see if this illustrates my point:

DimensionModel 3Model S
Exterior Length185″196″
Exterior Width73″77″
Exterior Height56.5″57″

The model S is 11″ longer than the Model 3, and also 4″ wider. This “bulk” probably gives the illusion of much greater interior space. And again, since folks are trying to make purchasing decisions in many cases without having ridden/driven one, they are misunderstanding the facts.

Tesla Model 3 interior

The model 3 is quite roomy inside. Just for fun, let’s compare the interior measurements to that old stalwart, the Honda Accord:

DimensionModel 3Honda Accord
Head Room Front39.6″37.5″
Head Room Rear37.7″37.2″
Leg Room Front42.7″42.3″
Leg Room Rear35.2″40.4″
Shoulder Room Front56.3″58.3″
Shoulder Room Rear54.0″56.5″
Hip Room Front53.4″55.3″
Hip Room Rear52.4″55.0″

Looking at the comparison table, we see the M3 actually has more head room and more leg room for front passengers!