Used Tesla Model S Pricing

Model S prices are all over the map. It can be frustrating as a buyer, because so many of the used car dealers out there know nothing about Teslas and advertise them incorrectly. It’s not uncommon to chase down a premium S – maybe a P90D – only to find that it’s a 60kw Base car.

Maybe this won’t be the case for long, but right now it seems like one of the most attractive options is buying a used car directly from Tesla. Probably due to folks trading in their S for a new Model 3, or possibly because it’s just that time with off-lease cars, Tesla seems to have tons of really good used S inventory. And due to supply and demand, that means they seem to be pricing the cars in a fairly affordable range.

Here’s a list of various offerings from Tesla’s website:


It’s tough to format a detailed table in a way that will fit everything from a mobile device to a PC, so I’ve whittled down the info for the above table. If you want the detailed info, including VIN, colors, location, etc, try clicking this link

Of note:

  • The cheapest P100D is $91,500.
  • The cheapest P90D is $46,700.
  • The cheapest P85D is $50,100.

If I can remember, once per month I’ll come back to edit this post and we can keep track of Model S pricing trends.